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Tree Fertilization

Every soil area is different, even from one home to the next in a neighborhood the soil can change based on what was planted or dumped there before. This can affect the trees in the area, most trees are pretty tolerant of all soil types, but when your tree begins to decline a simple fertilization may be all it needs. Good Guys Tree Service is a full arbor service provider with 20 years of experience and strict adheres to the IS guidelines for tree care.

Our chosen tree fertilization method is the Micro-injection system. This system was chosen for its lack of waste as well as its economical advantages. The Micro-injections used by us are sugar based, rather than sodium based which makes the better for the water table, and more effective on a wider range of trees. The waste is cut down by delivering the nutrients straight into the tree, rather than saturating the ground and hoping the roots absorb the nutrients before they are rinsed away by the weather. Micro-injection has out performed all other fertilization and health treatments for trees in the last decade and continues to surpass even the newest methods.

Our micro-nutrient solution is perfect to reinvigorate trees that are declining in health due to abiotic issues or disease. The solution has shown effective in many cases including construction damage and environmental modification.

Micro-injection is essentially a bulb holding fertilizer that is placed around the trunk of the tree, usually less than one foot from the ground. Injection bulbs empty fairly quickly, so you are not left with odd decorations on your tree. Typically the bulbs are empty within ten minutes, drainage time depends on tree condition and local weather.

Fertilization of your trees is a good idea routinely to maintain their health and prevent unwanted removal of them in the future. Fertilization and maintenance trimmings will result in a healthier tree that is more likely to weather any storm. No one enjoys having a partly dead tree on their property, it is not only ugly but it can pose a hazard to nearby buildings and people. Often after removing large parts of a tree; as in the case of a partly dead tree, what is left will suffer. Often the remaining tree needs removed within a few years. Fertilizing the remaining tree will give it the needed nutrients to repair any damage, a well as give it a boost to produce new foliage.